“A new romance star is born….and her name is Judi Fennell.” ~  Jill Barnett, NYT best-selling author

Coming Summer 2023!

Love on the Rocks

Book 4 in the Royally Sunk series

A colossal wave hits the shore when an overachiever who wants to carve a name for herself meets a hero who needs to keep his name under water.

After a famous Mer art critic pans her work, sculptor Mariana Tritone decides to create something to make a splash—right on the face of a volcano. The iconic sculpture will cement her reputation as a serious artist and not just a member of the Mer royal family ‘playing at’ a career.

Jace Pacifica was forced to fake his death eons ago because his brother, Thaumus, the deposed Mer ruler, mistakenly believes Jace cost him the throne and he wanted revenge. Jace has been hiding out ever since on a deserted Pacific island.

But then Princess Mariana shows up, putting his sanctuary at risk when she figures out who he really is. He’d cast her out to sea, but she could betray his secret and cost him his life. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, smart, and talented—a trifecta that makes her impossible to resist…

Until an avian spy takes the scuttlebutt to Thaumus and puts everything at risk.

Romance is rough enough, but when there’s a tsunami in the weather forecast, love is on the rocks.

What a Man Wants

Book 5 in the Manley Maids series WON the National Excellence in Story Telling Award!!!

A friendly poker bet between friends … and the loser has to clean houses for a month. The Manley Maids are at your service … Satisfaction guaranteed.

Everything financial whiz-wunderkind Beckett Fields touches turns to gold—well, ever since he changed his name and turned his life around. But when he bets on the monthly poker game, it looks like his luck has just run out.

Or has it?

Dr. Jennifer Bingham has done everything right her whole life, starting in high school when she tried to help a cute guy everyone else thought was a loser. And now, thanks to the mess her twin sister has made of her life, Jennifer is raising her niece, Sami.

When bad boy Beckett shows up to clean her house, using a different name now, she tries to forget how he snubbed her years ago. But because of her ex-husband’s lies, the fallout from her sister’s mistakes, and the mystery of who might have fathered her niece, Jennifer isn’t leaving anything up to chance.

Until Sami runs away to find her dad, and Beckett antes up his support, his truth, and his love.

That’s a bet Jennifer’s willing to take.

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