BeefCake, Inc.

Girls’ Night Out never tasted so good!

Sugar is sweet, but so is revenge

All Lara Cavallo wants to do is make her bakery business, Cavallo’s Cups & Cakes, a success, and be able to stop accepting alimony from her rotten, cheating ex-husband. But first she needs to find her clothes and escape the strange hotel room she wakes up in before she embarrasses herself any further in front the owner of that gorgeous naked keister she spots through the bathroom door. She needs to keep her mind on her cupcakes. She doesn’t have time for beefcake, no matter how enticing.

Cupcakes are sweet, and so is Lara…

All Gage Tomlinson wants is to find a way to help his single-mom sister pay the hospital bills for his six-year-old nephew, badly injured in a hit and run accident. Working construction during the day and as the owner of the exotic male dance troupe BeefCake, Inc. by night doesn’t leave much time for indulgence. Too bad the sweetest thing he’s seen in ages passes out on him and then takes off before he even gets a nibble. He’s got a sweet tooth, and only Lara’s “cupcakes” will satisfy him.

But when cupcake finally meets beefcake, it’s hot enough to melt the buttercream right off the cake.


Big Mistakes Come in Small Packages…

Bryan Lassiter never knew he had a son—until the day he sees little Trevor Corrigan in the grocery store. Those distinctive violet eyes, that hair, that birthmark… Remembering his own feelings about being adopted, this owner of BeefCake, Inc. and sometime exotic dancer craves the connection with the one person on the planet who shares his genes.

Of course, Trevor’s mom has pretty nice “jeans” as well, igniting a craving for a different kind of connection. Or reconnection, in spite of Bryan not remembering their first night together. But the proof is standing there in front of him, so it must have happened. Right?

…So do fabulous gifts…

On her deathbed, Trevor’s mother signed custody of her baby over to her half-sister, Jenna Corrigan. Since then, Jenna has worked hard to build a good life for the boy who’s become the center of her world. Conceived by mistake after a one-night stand, Trevor’s birth certificate lists his father as “unknown.” As far as Jenna’s concerned, he can stay that way.

But one look at Bryan could lead Jenna to making the biggest mistake of her life. Those distinctive violet eyes, that hair, those come-kiss-me lips…

Falling in love could be the biggest mistake of all…

When Bryan mistakes Jenna for a hooker and she realizes he’s Trevor’s father, the mistakes and misunderstandings begin growing. But something else is also growing between them, too. Sometimes, one wrong turn can be oh so right…


Fool me once…

Juliet Chambers only ever wanted one thing: to be Mrs. Tanner Wentworth. In love since they were kids, and with adjoining ranches and their parents as business partners, marriage for this beautiful couple was inevitable. But Juliet’s deception, combined with the loss of a child, destroyed their chance at happiness.
Fool me twice…

Tanner Wentworth only wants two things: to get access to his trust fund and to get his wife out of his life forever. His hot dance moves on the stage at BeefCake, Inc. may wow all the ladies, but Tanner isn’t interested. He has bigger dreams. And none of them include his treacherous soon-to-be-ex wife.
Third time lucky?

But when Juliet’s beloved grandmother has a stroke, Tanner agrees to pretend to be a happily married couple one last time, just until she’s well enough to handle the news that her favorite couple is calling it quits for good. But seven years of separation have changed a lot of things. Is it enough for the once-bitten-twice-shy Tanner to reconsider and risk a retake on the one woman who never stopped loving him?


Gina Taormina had a crush on Darien Foster since before she could remember until the day he’d humiliated her in school. Fifteen years later, the sight of him still leaves her cold.

Exotic dancer Darien has come back to town to set a few things to rights. One of those is the mess he made for Gina during their teenage years… and maybe rekindle the flames they’d once had.

But the only way to melt the snow around Gina’s heart is to turn up the heat, both on the job… and off.


Candy has been misjudged her entire life, thanks to the blonde hair, pretty face, and kickass body Mother Nature has bestowed upon her, and, in her experience, most men can’t see beyond them to the woman inside.

So when sexy exotic dancer Jaden Carter offers her some dopey pick-up line, she’s not interested.

Well, in the pick-up line. In him? Totally different story. She’s been watching him for weeks at the BeefCake, Inc. shows. But only the man why appreciates her brains will be the guy to win her heart.

But then Jaden asks her question and she realizes that no one should ever judge a book by its (very sexy) cover.

***This is a very short taste of the guys of BeefCake, Inc. — Bon appetit!